51 Things To Do In St Joseph, MO

  1. See where Jesse James was living when he was killed at Jesse James Home Museum.
  2. Play disc golf at Bartlett Parkway.
  3. Take a tour of the Remington Nature Center.
  4. Check out the American art at Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art.
  5. Learn to scuba dive at Big Joe Scuba.
  6. Play laser tag at Belt Entertainment.
  7. Watch a live performance at the Missouri Theater.
  8. Learn about local history at the Robidoux Row Museum.
  9. Pick your own apples at Schweizer Orchards.
  10. Bowl at Revolutions Lanes & Fun Center.
  11. Learn the history of the Pony Express at the Pony Express National Museum.
  12. Have a spa day at Ameliore Medispa.  
  13. Do a ghost hunt at Beattie Mansion.
  14. Enjoy a 3-course meal at JC Wyatt House.
  15. Roller skate at Bj Skate.
  16. Learn martial art skills at Yu’s Academy Martial Arts.
  17. Sort through vinyl records at EntertainMART.
  18. Shop for used books at Books Revisited.
  19. Attend a gaming event at EXP Gaming Lounge.
  20. Ice skate at Bode Sports Complex.
  21. Read a book and have a drink at The Den.
  22. Learn the history of mental health treatments at the Glore Psychiatric Museum.
  23. Check out the interactive displays at the Walter Cronkite Memorial.
  24. Walk the trails at Krug Park.
  25. Admire the architecture at the The Wyeth Tootle Mansion.
  26. See Jesse James’ Corpse Basket at the Funeral Museum.
  27. Ride the carousel at East Hills Mall.
  28. Watch a baseball game at the Phil Welch Stadium.
  29. Play video games with a drink at Club Geek.
  30. Get an ice cream from a cone shaped building at Kris and Kate’s Ice Cream.
  31. Play mini golf at Cool Crest Garden Golf.
  32. Shop for fresh produce at Pony Express Farmer’s Market.
  33. Attempt the 29″ Beast Team Pizza Challenge at Simple Simons Pizza.
  34. Golf at Fairview Golf Course.
  35. Smoke a cigar on the patio at Smooth Endings.
  36. Pitch a tent and camp at AOK Campground & RV Park.
  37. Throw axes at The Axe Factory.
  38. Do a wine tasting at 503 Winery.
  39. Pet cats at Self Expressions Cat Lounge.
  40. Do a DIY class at AR Workshop.
  41. Thrift for an afternoon at one of the local thrift shops.
  42. Shop for antiques at St. Joseph Auction and Antique Mart.
  43. Watch a movie at Regal Hollywood.
  44. Listen to live music at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall.
  45. Shoot your gun at Pigeon Hill Outdoor Shooting Range.
  46. Play pool at Chalk & Cue Pool Room.
  47. Take a yoga class at The Yoga Room.
  48. Take music lessons at St. Joseph Arts Academy.
  49. Enjoy rolled ice cream at Eclipz Gourmet Popcorn.
  50. Shop for international groceries at Lai Asian Market.
  51. Have a tea party at Simply Tea.

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