53 Things To Do In Newark, DE

  1. Learn about local history at the Newark History Museum.
  2. Shoot arrows with New Castle 100 Archers.
  3. Enjoy a flight of beers at Autumn Arch Beer Project.
  4. Snap a photo with a Huge Doctor’s Bag with Stethoscope.
  5. Learn the history of the Pencader Hundred.
  6. Hike the trails at White Clay Creek State Park.
  7. Learn martial art skills at Shoshin Karate Academy.
  8. Gamble at Casino @ Delaware Park.
  9. Have a tea party at Wee Fancy Tea.
  10. Sing your heart out in a karaoke room at Hsiang Asian Bistro.
  11. Smoke hookah at Ali Baba Mid Eastern Restaurant.
  12. Watch the sunset at Newark Reservoir.
  13. See a live performance at the Resident Ensemble Players.
  14. Watch a basketball game at the Bob Carpenter Center.
  15. Shop for antiques at Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall.
  16. Ice skate at Fred Rust Ice Arena.
  17. Attempt the M2o’s Burger Challenge at M2o Burgers and Salads.
  18. Float in a tank at First State Floats.
  19. Visit a one room school building at Iron Hill Science Center.
  20. Take a tour of a home from the 1700s at Hale Byrnes House.
  21. Pet alpacas at the Hill Billy Hills Alpaca Farm.
  22. Pee in a Waterless Urinal.
  23. Enjoy a spa day at Hand and Stone.
  24. Shop for fresh produce at the Co-op Farmers Market.
  25. Sort through vinyl records at Rainbow Records.
  26. Take a cooking class at Williams-Sonoma.
  27. Bowl at Main Event.
  28. Roller skate at Christiana Skating Center.
  29. Communicate with a lost pet at Aspire Wellness.
  30. Play pool at Rackers.
  31. Smoke a cigar in the lounge at Stateline Cigar Lounge.
  32. Take an art class at the Newark Arts Alliance.
  33. Tour Printed Solid and see how the materials are made.
  34. Learn to curl with Diamond State Curling Club.
  35. Shop for international groceries at the Asia Supermarket.
  36. Watch a movie at Main Street.
  37. Paint and hide rocks with Newark DE Rocks.
  38. Use the batting cages at Vince’s Sports Center.
  39. Golf at Deerfield.
  40. Play disc golf at Green Ridge Disc Golf Course.
  41. Attempt to escape a room at Axxiom Escape Rooms.
  42. Enjoy a whiskey flight at Barley Whiskey Bar.
  43. Listen to live music at Klondike Kate’s Restaurant & Saloon.
  44. Skateboard at Handloff Park Skate Spot.
  45. Play board games at Days of Knights.
  46. Get a psychic reading at Psychic Readings By Amanda.
  47. Have an Instagram worthy milkshake at Surreal Creamery.
  48. Shop for comic books at Captain Blue Hen Comics.
  49. Bounce around at Sky Zone Trampoline Park.
  50. Drink wine and paint on canvas at Painting with a Twist.
  51. Spend an afternoon thrifting at local thrift shops.
  52. Shoot paintballs at Paintball Action Games.
  53. Take a yoga class at Liberty Yoga.

One response to “53 Things To Do In Newark, DE”

  1. Dear Bianca!
    Thank you for this article. You have named Liberty Yoga #53 on your top 53 things to do in Newark, DE. I, Christine Shaw- owner, am so very grateful for this! At Liberty Yoga we offer a welcoming and inclusive place for all to find peace, strength, stress release, flexibility, community, and love ❤️.


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