20 Things To Do In Nevada, MO

  1. Tour a prison facility from the late nineteenth century at the Bushwhacker Museum.
  2. Do a wine tasting at the DeLaney Vineyard & Winery.
  3. Watch the races at Nevada Speedway.
  4. Skateboard at the Walton Park Skate Park.
  5. Bowl at Capri Bowl.
  6. Watch a live performance at Fox Playhouse.
  7. Snap a photo with a Giant Mushroom.
  8. Try an IV cocktail at Dript.
  9. Thrift new to you items at New Life Thrift Store or Loretta’s Attic.
  10. Shop for new and used games at Gamers Fusion.
  11. Play disc golf at Marmaduke Park Disc Golf Course.
  12. Shop for fresh produce at the Vernon County Farmers Market.
  13. Walk the trails at Walton Lake.
  14. Check out the different programs at the Osage Prairie YMCA.
  15. Look for antiques at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market.
  16. Try calamari at Sharky’s Pub & Grub.
  17. Pick blueberries at Ogle Blueberry Patch.
  18. Smell the flowers at Countryside View Greenhouse.
  19. Go fishing at Radio Springs Park.
  20. Eat a famous hamburger from White Grill.

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