18 Things To Do In North Pole, AK

  1. Take a plant workshop at Hawks Greenhouse.
  2. Shop for made in Alaska items at the Santa Claus House.
  3. Visit Santa’s reindeer at the Antler Academy.
  4. Learn to scuba dive at Test the Waters.
  5. Play laser tag at Laser Tag of Alaska.
  6. Have a spa day at IWink Day Spa.
  7. Search for the Northern Lights at Chena Lake Recreation Area.
  8. Try reindeer sausage at Elf’s Den Restaurant & Lounge.
  9. Ice skate at the Polar Ice Center.
  10. Skateboard at the Skateboard and BMX Bike Park.
  11. Do a spirit tasting at Arctic Harvest.
  12. Go dog sledding with Firewalkers Alaskan Malamute.
  13. Ride around Alaska on an ATV with The Alaskan Experience.
  14. Try Alaskan crab with an Asian twist at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant & Bar.
  15. Pitch a tent and camp at KOA.
  16. Enjoy a jet tea at Polar Expresso.
  17. Take a yoga class at The Fitness Studio.
  18. Check out the rock graffiti along Moose Creek Bluff Trail.

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