33 Things To Do In Johnstown, PA

  1. Learn about the Johnstown Flood of 1889 at Johnstown Flood Museum.
  2. Take a ride up the Johnstown Inclined Plane.
  3. Do a wine tasting at B & L Wine Cellars.
  4. Ice skate at 1st Summit Arena.
  5. Watch a baseball game at Sargent’s Stadium.
  6. Go tubing down a river with Coal Tubin’.
  7. Discover the story of an immigrant family at the Wagner-Ritter House.
  8. Take an art class at Bottle Works.
  9. Shoot paintballs with World War 3 Paintball.
  10. Attempt to escape a room at Escape Rooms Johnstown.
  11. Shop for antiques at Luck of the Draw.
  12. Learn about local history at the Heritage Discovery Center.
  13. Visit various historic graves at the Grandview Cemetery.
  14. Play mini golf at Glow Golf.
  15. Enjoy a craft cocktail at Tap 814 Speakeasy.
  16. Create your own pottery at Koch Ceramics Inc.
  17. Shop for fresh produce at the Johnstown Farmer’s Market.
  18. Throw axes at Steel City Axe.
  19. Go thrifting at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.
  20. Bowl and play arcade games at 814 Lanes & Games.
  21. Take a yoga class at Just Breathe Studio.
  22. Listen to live music at The Freight Station.
  23. Shoot guns with Daisytown Sportsmen Club.
  24. Play disc golf at The Highlands at North Fork.
  25. Smoke a cigar in the lounge at Corojo’s Cigar Shop.
  26. Watch a movie at the Westwood Plaza Theatre.
  27. Have a spa day at Bella Barrita.
  28. Paint and hide rocks with Johnstown Rocks.
  29. Sort through vinyl records at America’s oldest record shop George’s Song Shop.
  30. Hike the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail.
  31. Play billiards at Mully’s Billiards.
  32. Golf at one of the local courses.
  33. Take a cooking class at Balance Restaurant.

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