23 Things To Do In New Brunswick, NJ

  1. Visit the parking lot grave of Mary Ellis which inspired the song Brandy.
  2. Attempt the Rutgers Fat Sandwich Challenge at R U Hungry.
  3. Let your rage out and break things at Break Stuff NJ.
  4. Try exotic meats like grilled octopus or duck at Clydz.
  5. Get a tarot card reading at Tarot Card Readings by Diane.
  6. Listen to live music at Tavern on George.
  7. See a theatre performance at the State Theatre New Jersey.
  8. Stop by the tree that inspired Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees”.
  9. Look at the modern art at Zimmerli Art Museum.
  10. Attend a comedy show at Stress Factory Comedy Club.
  11. Build your own hot dog at Destination Dogs.
  12. Take a yoga class at Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness.
  13. Play disc golf at Rutgers Douglass College Disc Golf Course.
  14. Shop for fresh produce at the New Brunswick Community Farmers Market.
  15. Eat a stromboli sandwich at Stuff Yer Face.
  16. Take photos at the New Brunswick Graffiti Gallery.
  17. Enjoy an Instagram worthy milkshake from Surreal Creamery.
  18. Check out the giant spider crab at Rutgers Geology Museum.
  19. Sort through vinyls at Spina Records.
  20. Sing in the karaoke rooms at Roosterspin New Brunswick.
  21. Read the Lawrence Book Carvings on a rock at Rutgers Garden.
  22. Skateboard at the Recreation Park.
  23. Smoke a cigar in the lounge at D & D Fine Cigars.

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