37 Things To Do In Houma, LA

  1. Learn about Louisiana military history at Regional Military Museum.
  2. Take a mini tour of the Southdown Plantation & Museum.
  3. Do a spirit tasting at Bayou Terrebonne Distillers.
  4. Attempt the scavenger hunt at Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum.
  5. Ride a helicopter at the Houma Heliport.
  6. Play billiards at High Tide Bar & Billiards.
  7. Try old fashioned candy from Scarlet Scoop Ice Cream Parlor.
  8. See gators up close at Annie Miller’s Swamp Tours.
  9. Walk the trails at Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge.
  10. Try the crawfish boudin king cake at the Cajun Meat Market.
  11. Watch a play at the Le Petit Theatre De Terrebonne.
  12. Play golf at the Houma Golf Club.
  13. Pour your own beer from the pour wall at The Pour House.
  14. Attempt to escape a room at Breakin’ The Code.
  15. Shop for antiques at Imperial Flea Market.
  16. Shoot a gun at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Rifle Range.
  17. Freeze your body to negative temperatures in a cryochamber at Houma Health and Wellness.
  18. Look for ghosts in the Houma Tunnel.
  19. Have an Instagram worthy milkshake at Zack’s Frozen Yogurt.
  20. Enjoy a spa day at The Zen Den Aesthetic.
  21. Take a dance class at Studio 371.
  22. Go thrifting at St Vincent de Paul Society Store.
  23. Bowl at Creole Lanes.
  24. Rollerskate at Aggie’s Skate Connection.
  25. Watch a movie at the AMC.
  26. Throw axes at Southern Axe.
  27. Skateboard at Fireman’s Skate and Bike Park.
  28. Listen to live music at On The Canal Bar.
  29. Take a yoga class at Root2Rise.Yoga.
  30. Gamble at Cash Magic Houma.
  31. Play disc golf at Summerfield Park.
  32. Smoke a cigar in the lounge at Cigar Heads.
  33. Sort through books and vinyl records at 2nd & Charles.
  34. Learn to scuba dive at Craig’s Caribbean Dive Shop.
  35. Play mini golf at The Ball Park.
  36. Shop for international treats at Phi Long Asian Market.
  37. Take martial art lessons at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

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