46 Things To Do In Logan, UT

  1. Drive along the Logan Canyon Scenic Drive.
  2. Hike on the Wind Cave Trail.
  3. Feed the ducks at Zootah.
  4. See a live performance at Lyric Repertory Company.
  5. Take a dip at the Logan Aquatic Center.
  6. Learn about local history at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum.
  7. Watch a football game at Maverick Stadium.
  8. Shop for fresh produce at the Cache Valley Gardeners’ Market.
  9. Check out an art show at the Logan Fine Art Gallery.
  10. Try an O’Aggie bar at Bluebird Candy Co.
  11. Trek the Jardine Juniper Trail and See the Oldest Tree in Utah.
  12. Do a tasting tour at Aggie Chocolate Factory.
  13. Rent a kayak from Bad Apple Eddy Outfitters.
  14. Golf indoors at Victory Golfworks.
  15. Try the famous Aggie ice cream at Aggie Creamery.
  16. Look at modern & contemporary Western U.S. artworks at Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art.
  17. Sample cheese at Gossner Foods.
  18. Visit the historic monument of the Grave of the Last Grizzly Bear in Utah.
  19. Try fresh honeycomb at Cox Honeyland.
  20. Attempt the 30″ Big One Pizza Challenge at Fox’s Pizza Den.
  21. Pitch a tent and camp at Bridger Campground.
  22. Golf at the Logan River Golf Course.
  23. Attempt to escape a room at Locked In Escape Room.
  24. Jump on a trampoline at The Jump Zone.
  25. Shop for antiques at the Country Village Antique Mall.
  26. Bowl at Logan Lanes.
  27. Paint your own pottery at Color Me Mine.
  28. Take an art class at Cache Valley Center for the Arts.
  29. Listen to live music at the Cache Bar.
  30. Take a cooking class at Love to Cook.
  31. Throw axes at Heber Hatchets.
  32. Shoot a gun at the Cache Valley Shooting Range.
  33. Spend an afternoon thrifting at the local thrift shops.
  34. Skateboard at the Logan Skate Park.
  35. Take a yoga class at Shanti Yoga Roots.
  36. Enjoy a sweet or savory crepe at The Crêpery.
  37. Play disc golf at the Cache County Fairgrounds.
  38. Have a spa day at Rosehaven Skin Bar.
  39. Paint and hide rocks with Logan Rocks.
  40. Watch a movie at Megaplex Theatres.
  41. Learn martial art skills at Cache Valley Martial Arts and Fitness.
  42. Shop for games or attend an event at Game Grid.
  43. Look through two stories of books at The Book Table.
  44. Ride a horse at a Whispering Canyon Foundation event.
  45. Play mini golf at Cache Valley Mini Golf.
  46. Ski at Beaver Mountain Ski Area.

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