49 Things To Do In New Haven, CT

  1. Climb the giant steps at East Rock Park.
  2. Visit graves of inventors and a man buried in a samurai outfit at Grove St Cemetery.
  3. Float in a tank at Ripple Float and Wellness Center.
  4. Play golf at Alling Memorial Golf Club.
  5. Have a hamburger where the hamburger was invented at Louis’ Lunch.
  6. Shop for antiques at EBM Vintage.
  7. Spin your own pottery at The Clay Date.
  8. Hike to the Judge’s Cave where three British judges hid in exile after sentencing the king to death. 
  9. Try white clam pizza at BAR.
  10. Admire the architecture at Hotel Marcel.
  11. Try to get a seat in the Taft Chair at Woolsey Hall.
  12. Avoid Midnight Mary’s grave after midnight.
  13. See a live performance at Shubert Theatre.
  14. Ice skate at Ingalls Ice Rink.
  15. Watch a movie at the Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas.
  16. Enjoy a mimosa and get a manicure at Breezy Day Spa.
  17. Learn about Catholic history at Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center.
  18. Have a crepe in a cone at T-Swirl crêpe.
  19. Drink coffee and pet cats at Mew Haven Cat Cafe.
  20. Leave a flower at New Haven Green to show respect at an old burial ground.
  21. Sort through books at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
  22. Drink draft beer and play arcade games at Barcade.
  23. Learn how to pole dance at PoleFly Aerial Fitness LLC.
  24. Check out a collection of abnormal brains at the Whitney Medical Library.
  25. Have an Instagram worthy milkshake from Milkcraft.
  26. Take a yoga class at Breathing Room Yoga.
  27. Admire the art at Yale University Art Gallery.
  28. Smoke hookah at the Mediterranea Cafe.
  29. Shop for fresh produce at the CitySeed Wooster Square Farmers’ Market.
  30. Take a tour of the Crypt at Center Church-on-the-Green.
  31. Attempt to escape a room at Escape New Haven.
  32. Visit the grave of Sarah Winchester the woman behind Winchester mystery house.
  33. Learn martial art skills at Ronin BJJ.
  34. Sort through records at Elm City Sounds.
  35. Shop for used books at Grey Matter Books.
  36. Learn about the Skull and Bones Tomb and then visit it.
  37. Ride the carousel at Lighthouse Point Park.
  38. Eat your way through Little Italy.
  39. Learn about local history at the New Haven Museum.
  40. Drive across the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge when its lit.
  41. Shop for board games or attend an event at Elm City Games.
  42. Rock climb indoors at City Climb Gym.
  43. Smoke a cigar in the lounge at The Owl Shop.
  44. Build your own pizza at Frank Pepe.
  45. Climb the courses at It Adventure Ropes Course.
  46. Try Polish baked goods at Olmo.
  47. Shop till you drop at The Boulevard Flea Market.
  48. Check out the exhibits at Ely Center of Contemporary Art.
  49. Listen to live music at Toads Place.

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