33 Things To Do In Boerne, TX

  1. Take a underground tour through the Cascade Caverns.
  2. Walk the trails at the Cibolo Center for Conservation.
  3. Try the coconut cream pie at The Dienger Trading Co.
  4. Do a wine tasting at Saint Tryphon Farm & Vineyards.
  5. Visit the Kuhlmann-King Historical Complex a 1880s home.
  6. Check out the old farm equipment at the Agricultural Museum.
  7. Go on a walkable adventure and check out Boerne’s public art.
  8. Shop for produce at the Farmer’s Market at the Cibolo.
  9. Rent a paddleboard from Hill Country Paddle Sports.
  10. Tour the Cave Without a Name and walk through the 6 formation rooms.
  11. Watch dogs play while enjoying a drink at Dog & Pony Grill.
  12. Rock climb indoors at Boerne Gymnastics Center.
  13. Shop for antiques at Johns Road Antique Mall.
  14. Play billiards at Drink Texas Boerne.
  15. Look for nostalgic candy at Salty & Sweet.
  16. Freeze your body to negative temperatures in a cryochamber at Cryofit.
  17. Stop by the Old Jail Museum and walk through the jail cells.
  18. Attempt to escape a room at Boerne Escape Rooms.
  19. Have a flight of beers at one of the local breweries.
  20. Pitch a tent and camp at Bergheim Campground and River Outfitter.
  21. Make your own DIY wood sign at Board & Brush.
  22. Take an art class at Makers Place.
  23. Skateboard at Boerne Skate Park.
  24. Listen to live music at Salvador DOBBS.
  25. Take a yoga class at The Mindful Collective Studio.
  26. Learn martial art skills at Gracie Barra.
  27. Play disc golf at Boerne City Lake Park.
  28. Bowl at Boerne Turn Verein.
  29. Paint and hide rocks with Boerne Rocks.
  30. Have a drink while watching a movie at AMC Theatres.
  31. Smoke a cigar at Hauptstrasse Cigar Club.
  32. Ride a horse at Diamond C Stables.
  33. Learn to make cocktails at Assemble Cocktail Workshop.

2 responses to “33 Things To Do In Boerne, TX”

  1. And listen to Boerne Radio 103.9FM!


  2. You missed one of the best things in Kendall County. The Historic Kendall County Jail Museum


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