33 Things To Do In Brownsville, TX

  1. Admire art at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.
  2. Watch a test launch at Space X Launch Facility.
  3. Jump on a trampoline at Get Air Trampoline Park.
  4. Take a yoga class at Breathe Hot Studio.
  5. Play billiards at The Billiard Room.
  6. Shop for antiques at Junk N Treasure.
  7. Listen to live music at The Broken Sprocket.
  8. Walk the grounds and look at animals at Gladys Porter Zoo.
  9. Shoot a gun at 511 Shooting Range.
  10. Shop for comics at The Comic Cave.
  11. Learn to play an instrument at Little Mozart’s Music Academy.
  12. Play disc golf at Monte Bella Disc Golf Course.
  13. Walk the trails and read about the notable 1846 battlefield at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park.
  14. Enjoy rolled ice cream at Rolling with H&E.
  15. Play laser tag or arcade games at Main Event.
  16. Shop for board games or attend an event at B&D Games and Hobbies.
  17. Have a spa day at The Carriage House Day Spa.
  18. Go for a dip at Boca Chica Beach.
  19. Watch for wildlife at Resaca De La Palma State Park.
  20. Bowl at Galaxy Bowling Center.
  21. Skateboard at Brownsville Skate Park.
  22. Walk the trails and see an 1892 plantation house at Sebal Palm Sanctuary.
  23. Take a martial arts class at Galvan’s Martial Arts.
  24. Watch a movie at Cinemark.
  25. Take a tour of the city founder’s house at Stillman House Museum.
  26. Golf at Brownsville Golf Center.
  27. Learn about how Brownsville was established at Historic Brownsville Museum.
  28. Look at over 600 indigenous costumes at Costumes of the America’s Museum.
  29. Watch a live performance at Camille Lightner Playhouse.
  30. Shop for produce at Brownsville Farmers Market.
  31. Look at unique graves of founding families and various historic markers at Old City Cemetery.
  32. Learn about Brownsville’s history at the Brownsville Heritage Museum.
  33. Play tennis at the Brownsville Tennis Center.

2 responses to “33 Things To Do In Brownsville, TX”

  1. Does anyone play cribbage ?


  2. Thank you for your help and this post. It’s been great.


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