25 Things To Do In Dickinson, ND

  1. Check out skeletons and fossils at Dickinson Museum Center.
  2. Learn about local Ukrainian culture at Ukrainian Cultural Institute
  3. Eat giant portions of food and check out quirky roadside art at Sanford’s Pub.
  4. Watch a race at Southwest Speedway.
  5. Hike down Crooked Crane Trail.
  6. Enjoy a monster energy zinger or Boba tea at C&K Sweet Shoppe.
  7. Rock climb indoors at West River Community Center.
  8. Attempt the Double Man Burger Challenge at JD’s BBQ.
  9. Pitch a tent and camp at Patterson Lake Recreation Area.
  10. Try a coffee flight at Backyard Play Cafe.
  11. Do a wine tasting at Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery.
  12. Take a yoga class at Body Lift Fitness.
  13. Float in a tank at Salt of the Earth.
  14. Learn Jiu Jitsu at Carlos Machado Jiu Jitsu.
  15. Play disc golf at Memorial Park.
  16. Watch a movie at Griffon Theaters.
  17. Paint and hide rocks with Dickinson ND Rocks.
  18. Drink a beer and smoke a cigar at DePorres House of Barbering and Lounge.
  19. Try a sports simulator at Paragon Bowl.
  20. Ice skate at West River Ice Center.
  21. Shop for used video games at Rock 30 Games.
  22. Play pool at Spur Bar.
  23. Take a cooking class at Salt Kitchen Co.
  24. Golf at Heart River Golf Course.
  25. Shop for antiques at Antique Charm.

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