16 Things To Do In Trenton, NJ

  1. Knock on the Edgar Allen Poe Inspired Tombstone.
  2. Visit Lower Trenton Bridge at night and snap a photo of the words that illuminate across it.
  3. Walk across the Shaky Bridge at Stacy Park.
  4. Take a self guided tour of the New Jersey State Museum.
  5. Admire art exhibits at Artworks.
  6. Take a yoga class at Agape Healing & Yoga Wellness.
  7. Enjoy Instagram worthy ice cream at Trenton Ice Cream Parlor
  8. Shop for comic books or board games at the Comic Lair.
  9. Play pool at Olde Liberty Tavern.
  10. Explore the Old Barracks and learn its uses through the years.
  11. Watch a baseball game at Trenton Thunder Ballpark.
  12. Tour the state’s most historical building the New Jersey State House.
  13. Learn about the founder of Trenton and his home at the William Trent House Museum.
  14. Check out the rotating art exhibits at Trenton City Museum.
  15. Show respect at the World War II Memorial at Veterans Park.
  16. Smoke hookah at Infinity Lounge.

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