44 Things To Do In Shreveport, LA

  1. Admire American & European art at R.W Norton Art Gallery.
  2. Experience glass blowing at Sanctuary Glass Studio.
  3. Ice skate at George’s Pond at Hirsch Coliseum.
  4. Golf at Querbes Park Golf Course.
  5. Walk through the Asian Gardens.
  6. Float in a tank at Float Shreveport.
  7. Smoke hookah at Royalty Cigar & Hookah Lounge.
  8. Try to escape a room at Escape SBC.
  9. Smell thousands of roses at American Rose Society.
  10. Get a psychic reading done by Miss Marie.
  11. Make new friends at a Gamers XP event or just go shopping for games.
  12. Pet and feed animals at Jubilee Zoo.
  13. Let your rage out and break things at Road Rage Room.
  14. Paint and drink alcohol at Artipsy Studio.
  15. Take a pole dancing class at Creative Expressions.
  16. Watch a movie at Robinson Film Center.
  17. Play billiards or throw darts at Sidepocket Billiards.
  18. Do a wine tasting at On Cloud Wine Winery.
  19. Watch a miniature train ride along tracks at Shreveport Railroad Museum.
  20. Splash around at Splash Kingdom Oasis.
  21. Shoot guns at Red River Range.
  22. Take a yoga class at Humm.
  23. Gamble at Bally’s.
  24. Appreciate a small collection of art at Meadows Museum of Art.
  25. Check out the interactive science exhibits at Sci-Port Discovery Center.
  26. Tour one of Shreveport’s oldest buildings at the Spring Street Museum.
  27. Indulge in rolled ice cream at Yum Yum Dessert Bar.
  28. Take an intro to dive class at Scuba Ventures.
  29. Enjoy an Instagram worthy milkshake at Marble Slab Creamery.
  30. Take a self guided tour of the Museum of American Fencing.
  31. Learn about the water you drink at Shreveport Water Works Museum.
  32. Feed sharks at Shreveport Aquarium.
  33. Admire Native American Artifacts at Louisiana State Exhibit Museum.
  34. Walk trails at Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park.
  35. Do a beer flight at Great Raft Brewing or The Seventh Tap.
  36. Visit a giant glowing Dalmatian at dusk.
  37. Enjoy a spa day at Spa Concepts Salon & Spa.
  38. Freeze your body to negative temperatures at Chill and Heal.
  39. Pitch a tent and camp at KOA Journey Campground.
  40. Rock climb indoors at 318 Climb.
  41. Try IV Therapy at Rapid Recovery Room.
  42. Roller skate at Hot Wheels of Wonder.
  43. Smoke a cigar at 318 Infused Liquor & Cigar Lounge.
  44. Visit the legendary Slattery oak tree.

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