45 Things To Do In Hilo, HI

  1. Learn about the legend of the Naha Stone.
  2. Hike to the Rainbow Falls.
  3. See Hilo from up-high with Safari Hawaii Helicopter Tours.
  4. Try spam musabi at Keaukaha General Store.
  5. Play board games and make friends at Slow Your Roll.
  6. Watch cookies get dipped in chocolate at Big Island Candies.
  7. Descend into a lava-tube cave at Kaumana Caves State Park.
  8. Scuba or snorkel with Hilo Ocean Adventures.
  9. Learn about the natural history and culture of Hawaii at Lyman Museum.
  10. Play laser tag at Hilo Laser Tag.
  11. Stop by the Tsunami Clock of Doom.
  12. Surf at Hilo Bayfront Beach Park.
  13. Enjoy a Loco Moco at Cafe 100 the place that invented them!
  14. Take a yoga class at Hot Yoga Hilo.
  15. Try to escape a room at Escape Hilo.
  16. Walk through more than 19 acres of plants at Hilo Nursery Arboretum.
  17. Rock climb indoors at Big Island Climbing.
  18. Shop for Hawaiian books at Basically Books.
  19. Look for sea turtles at Carlsmith Beach Park.
  20. Walk around an authentic Japanese garden called Lili’uokalani Gardens.
  21. Visit Boiling Pots.
  22. Throw axes at Hilo Axe Lounge.
  23. Explore Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens a zoo located inside a rainforest.
  24. Learn about the deadliest tsunami in modern Hawaiian history at the Pacific Tsunami Museum.
  25. Drive to the top of Mauna Kea a dormant volcano.
  26. Admire the reef aquarium at Mokupapapa Discovery Center.
  27. Learn about Hawaiian culture and astronomy at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center.
  28. Tour the Subaru Telescope.
  29. Look at stunning images of Hawaii at Extreme Exposure Fine Art Gallery.
  30. Attend a monthly blessing at Hilo Daijingu.
  31. Walk around Nani Mau Gardens.
  32. Take a tour of cacao orchards and learn about the chocolate making process at Lavaloha.
  33. Learn about the history of Hawaii Japanese American’s at Hawaii Japanese Center.
  34. Sample chocolates at Hawaiian Crown Chocolate.
  35. Shop for fresh fruit at The Locavore Store.
  36. Take a pole dancing class at Pole Hawaii.
  37. Smoke hookah at Hale Hookah.
  38. Eat Hawaiian shaved ice at Kula Shave Ice.
  39. Take a pottery class at High Fire Hawaii.
  40. Enjoy an instagram worthy ice cream out of a pineapple at Makani’s Magic Pineapple Shack.
  41. Throw darts or play pool at Hale Inu Sports Bar.
  42. Watch a movie at Regal.
  43. Golf at Hilo Municipal Golf Course.
  44. Enjoy a spa day at Mermade Spa.
  45. Admire beautiful and historical banyan trees.

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