26 Things To Do In Pocatello, ID

  1. Tour the Museum of Clean which has exhibits on the history of cleaning.
  2. Go back to the 19th Century at The Fort Hall Replica & Museum.
  3. Look at various exhibits at Idaho Museum of Natural History.
  4. Pick a pumpkin or get lost in a corn maze at Swore Farms.
  5. Attempt to escape a room at Thirteen Locks.
  6. Throw axes at Heber Hatchets.
  7. Look at local artifacts at Bannock County Historical Museum.
  8. Walk around Zoo Idaho.
  9. Try unique popcorn flavors at The Popcorn Shop.
  10. Play mini-golf or laser tag at Outer Limits Fun Zone.
  11. Stroll down Painted Alley and admire outdoor murals.
  12. Watch miniature trains drive along tracks at Pocatello Model Railroad and Historical Society.
  13. Shop for Idaho themed items at Idaho Unlimited Gifts.
  14. Admire the Strandrod Mansion from the outside.
  15. Attempt the Big Dog Burger Challenge at BH Bar and Grill.
  16. Pitch a tent and camp at KOA Journey.
  17. Rock climb indoors at Idaho State University’s climbing wall.
  18. Take a yoga class at Mind Your Body.
  19. Gamble at Bannock Peak Casino.
  20. Watch a movie at Reel Theatre.
  21. Take an intro to dive class at H&H Dive.
  22. Play pool at Cue and Brews.
  23. Shop for witchy items at Enchantments.
  24. Paint and hide rocks with Pocatello & Chubbuck Rocks.
  25. Bowl at Tough Guy Lanes.
  26. Play golf at Highland or Riverside Golf Course.

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