35 Things To Do In Tupelo, MS

  1. Shop for antiques at Relics Antique Marketplace.
  2. Visit Elvis Presley’s Birthplace.
  3. Smoke a cigar in Spring Street Cigar’s lounge.
  4. Visit Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo which features a petting zoo.
  5. Take a yoga class at Haven Studio.
  6. Show respect at the Vietnam Veterans Replica Wall Memorial.
  7. Do a flight of tasty mead at Queen’s Reward Meadery.
  8. Escape a room at Paradox Escape Rooms.
  9. Attempt the Mugshot Burger Challenge at Mugshots Grill & Bar.
  10. Float in a tank at Creative Touch Day Spa.
  11. Freeze your body at negative temperatures at Premiere Fitness.
  12. Jump on trampolines at Rebound Trampoline Park.
  13. Bowl and play arcade games at Event Zona.
  14. Drink a coffee and pet cats at the Twisted Whisker Cat Cafe.
  15. Tour a museum that honors those who fought for freedom at Tupelo Veterans Museum.
  16. Smoke hookah at Blu Majic Hookah Lounge.
  17. Spend an afternoon thrifting at Tupelo’s many thrift shops.
  18. Take beginner dance lessons at The Dance Studio.
  19. Shop for comics at BRAT Comics.
  20. Buy pottery or take a pottery class at Midnite Pottery.
  21. Try brandy filled chocolates at Margaretes Fine Chocolates.
  22. Admire art at Gumtree Museum of Art.
  23. Take a jiu jitsu class at Tupelo Jiu Jitsu Academy.
  24. Golf at Bel-Air Golf Course.
  25. Try a slug burger at Johnnie’s Drive In and admire their Elvis memorabilia.
  26. Roller skate at Skate Zone.
  27. Play arcade games while at the mall at the Pier Arcade.
  28. Visit the small Tupelo National Battlefield.
  29. Shop fresh fruits and vegetables at Native Sun Farm.
  30. Pitch a tent and camp at Tombigbee Lake State Park.
  31. Enjoy rolled ice cream at Yollo Rollo.
  32. Paint rocks and hide them with Tupelo Rocks.
  33. Ice skate at Cadence Bank Arena.
  34. Watch a movie at Cinemark.
  35. Play disc golf at one of Tupelo’s 7 disc golf courses.

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