28 Things To Do In Anchorage, AK

  1. Hop on a train at the Alaska Railroad Depot.
  2. Visit the World’s Largest Chocolate Waterfall.
  3. See Burial Spirit Houses at Eklutna Village.
  4. Take the planet walk while learning about our solar system.
  5. Drive to gravity hill and see if your call rolls on its own.
  6. Meet Star the Reindeer.
  7. Check out this suburban street with airplane hangars on all their houses.
  8. Instead of books, check out fossils at Alaska Resources Library.
  9. Take a tour of The Ulu Factory.
  10. Watch a short film at the Alaska Experience Theatre.
  11. Check out Chilkoot Charlies a huge nightclub with 3 dance floors and 10 bars.
  12. Take a segway tour of Anchorage.
  13. Be careful driving along Seward Highway one of Alaska’s most dangerous roads.
  14. Stop by the Alaska Law Enforcement Museum.
  15. Learn about Anchorage’s 1964 earthquake at Earthquake Park.
  16. Try reindeer sausage at Alaska Sausage & Seafood.
  17. Walk across a fishing reel bridge.
  18. Take a ghost tour of the city.
  19. Try to escape a room with Alaska Escape Room.
  20. Learn about the first Jews to settle in Anchorage at Alaska Jewish Museum.
  21. Visit the grave of Annabelle the Painting Elephant.
  22. Visit a mine and pan gold at Crow Creek Gold Mine.
  23. Paint your own scarf with Paint a Scarf.
  24. Take a walk through William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery.
  25. Try the Humpy’s Kodiak Arrest Food Challenge.
  26. Check out a giant tattoo needle at Anchorage Tattoo Studio.
  27. Visit Rock Man at Wild Berry Park and visit Alaska Wild Berry Products on the way to see him.
  28. Take a walk on the wild side at The Alaska Zoo.

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