31 Things To Do In Billings, MT

  1. Visit Al’s Bootery and see the World’s Tallest Man’s boot on display.
  2. Park by the rimrocks at night and star gaze.
  3. Check Billings Park and Recreations booklet to see what cooking classes, hikes, or sport clubs are coming up.
  4. Visit the historical location of Boot Hill Cemetery.
  5. Take a walk around the Danwalt Gardens.
  6. Walk the trails at Pictograph Cave State Park.
  7. Enjoy -200 temperatures at N2 Cryotherapy.
  8. After enjoying Yellowstone Art Museum, visit the “Art-o-Mat” a retired cigarette vending machine located in their gift shop that has been converted to vend art.
  9. Use the tire swing and swing into the river at Two Moon Park.
  10. Experience rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) at Bull Mountain Grille.
  11. Try the “Big Challenge” at Stella’s Bakery and eat 4 monster sized pancakes for a free cinnamon roll.
  12. Visit Lewis & Clark’s autograph etched into a rock at Pompey’s Pillar.
  13. Throw some axe’s at Ox Indoor Axe Throwing.
  14. Take the perfect selfies at Reach Selfie.
  15. Unwind and enjoy a cup or two of Kava tea at Kava Roots.
  16. Attempt an escape room at Billing’s Escape Room.
  17. Let your rage out in a rage room at After Rage.
  18. Enjoy a drink while painting a canvas at Bitterroot Sip and Paint.
  19. Jump around at Get Air.
  20. Gear up and shoot some paintballs at Diamond Paintball.
  21. Try indoor rock climbing at Steepworld.
  22. Visit the various casinos in the area and enjoy a free drink as long as you are actively gambling.
  23. Spark up conversation and debate after watching a movie at Art House.
  24. Get a room with a hot tub at Cmon Inn.
  25. Take a Discover Scuba class at Family Fun Scuba.
  26. Go horse back riding at Bitter Creek Outfitters.
  27. Play frisbee golf at Pioneer Park.
  28. Visit one of Billings thrift shops and then try to pawn the items off at one of their many pawn shops for profit!
  29. Go to an open teaching at Billings Dharma Center.
  30. Take a yoga class at Black Orchid Yoga.
  31. Walk on the wild side at ZooMontana.

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