20 Things To Do In Minnetonka, MN

  1. Walk the trails at Purgatory Park.
  2. Float in a tank at Sanctuary Float Spa.
  3. Tour the Charles H. Burwell House a Queen-Anne style historic home.
  4. Skydive indoors at IFly.
  5. Shop for fun & funky goods at the General Store of Minnetonka.
  6. Go for a dip at Shady Oak Beach.
  7. Enjoy a burger and malt shake at Snuffy’s Malt Shop.
  8. Play board games and drink coffee at Lodestone Coffee and Games.
  9. Do an olive oil tasting at Olive on Tap.
  10. Try to escape a room at Breakout Games.
  11. Freeze your body to negative temperatures at Halo Cryotherapy.
  12. Spend an afternoon thrifting at the local thrift shops.
  13. Take a yoga class at CorePower Yoga.
  14. Enjoy a bubble tea at Bubble Tea House.
  15. Golf at Glen Lake Golf Course.
  16. Shop for produce at the Minnetonka Farmers Market.
  17. Ice skate at the Minnetonka Ice Arena.
  18. Enjoy a spa day at Mask Day Spa.
  19. Take karate lessons at American Karate Studio.
  20. Shop for board games at Games By James.

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