24 Things To Do In Austin, MN

  1. Tour the Hormel Historic House an Italianate style home.
  2. Visit the Spam Museum a brand of canned precooked meat products made by Hormel.
  3. Write a beer forward at Gravity Storm Brewery Cooperative.
  4. Learn about local history at the Mower County Historical Society.
  5. Watch a live performance at Paramount Theatre.
  6. Take an art class at Austin Artworks Center.
  7. Check out Rydjor Bike Shops vintage bike collection.
  8. Take a picture with Buffy the Cow.
  9. Try a spam burger or other spam items at Kenny’s Oak Grill.
  10. Attempt the Tendermaid Challenge at the Tendermaid Sandwich Shop.
  11. Walk the trails at Jay C Hormel Nature Center.
  12. Pitch a tent and camp at Adventure Bound Camping Resort.
  13. Shoot paintballs at Splat Paintball Field.
  14. Take a yoga class at Sangha Yoga Studio.
  15. Play disc golf at Todd Park.
  16. Throw darts and play pool at The Bakery Lounge.
  17. Enjoy a spa day at Golden Tress Salon & Spa.
  18. Shop for board games or attend an event at Ratatoskr Games.
  19. Bowl at Echo Lanes.
  20. Ice Skate at Packer Arena or Riverside Arena.
  21. Take a self defense class at Martial Arts Fitness Center.
  22. Enjoy a coffee and comic book at Hot Off The Press Comics and Coffee.
  23. Shop for books and candies at Sweet Reads Books.
  24. Play golf at Meadow Greens Golf Course.

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