36 Things To Do In Winona, MN

  1. Admire art inspired by water at Minnesota Marine Art Museum.
  2. Hike to a breathtaking view at Garvin Heights City Park.
  3. Pitch a tent and camp at Great River Bluffs State Park.
  4. Check out three floors of local history exhibits at Winona County Historical Society.
  5. Take martial art lessons at Monahan Martial Arts.
  6. Listen to live music at No Name Bar.
  7. Have a tea party at Curiosi-Tea House.
  8. Play disc golf at Winona’s disc golf courses.
  9. Try edible cookie dough at Nate & Ally’s.
  10. Paint and hide rocks with Winona County Rocks.
  11. Bowl at Westgate Bowl.
  12. Become a member and do a variety of different shooting sports with Winona Sportsmen’s Club.
  13. Skateboard at Anthem Skatepark and Board Shop.
  14. Shop for produce at Winona Farmers Market.
  15. Ice skate at Bud King Ice Arena.
  16. Shop for Watkins products and see the history of this innovative brand at Watkins Museum and Store.
  17. Watch a movie at Winona Theatre.
  18. Shop for video games at Warpzone Video Games.
  19. Pick your own blueberries at Blue Fruit Farm.
  20. Look through used books and comics at Chapter 2 Books.
  21. Attend a gaming event, or shop for board games at JimmyJams.
  22. Learn about the Kashubian Polish settlers of Winona at the Polish Cultural Institute & Museum.
  23. Take a cooking class at Bluff Country Co-Op.
  24. Golf at Westfield Golf Club.
  25. Do a wine tasting at Garvin Heights Vineyards.
  26. Admire the stain glass windows at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church.
  27. Have a flight of beer at Bub’s Brewing Company.
  28. Take on a yarn craft project at Yarnology.
  29. Go on a narrated boat tour with Winona Tour Boat.
  30. Check out the miniature version of New York’s Fort Ticonderoga as a tombstone.
  31. Rock climb indoors at the Wabasha Recreation Center.
  32. Shop for antiques at Treasures Under Sugar Loaf.
  33. Relax in a salt room at Suola Spa.
  34. Play pool or throw darts at Mulligan’s Pub.
  35. Spend an afternoon thrifting at the local thrift shops.
  36. Take a yoga class at Muddy Waters Yoga.

One response to “36 Things To Do In Winona, MN”

  1. Great work!! Please add “grab a donut at Bloedows.” (For Winona).


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