14 Things To Do In Moorhead, MN

  1. Visit Sticks Garden.
  2. Visit the Dairy Queen Dilly Pop.
  3. Rent snowshoes at the Hjemkomst center.
  4. Do a flashlight tour at the Comstock House.
  5. Take Intro to Diving Class with Mick’s Scuba.
  6. Try fufu at The Spice Grille.
  7. Visit Concordia College’s weird tree.
  8. Watch a TED talk at Concordia college.
  9. Visit the planetarium at MSUM
  10. Take a class at Moorhead Community Education (cooking, drawing, learning).
  11. Tour Doubting Thomas Farm.
  12. Enjoy a beer at Junkyard Brewing Company and admire the art on their cans.
  13. Take a free tour of the Rourke Art Gallery and Museum.
  14. Break things in a Rage Room built for destruction.

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