44 Things To Do In Auburn/Lewiston, ME

  1. Take a walk along the Auburn Riverwalk and look at the many historical signs along the way.
  2. Enjoy a beer or coffee at Side by Each Brewing and then try some poutine next door at Pinky D’s.
  3. Go for a dip at Crescent beach.
  4. Go skating at the Rollodrome.
  5. Take music lessons at Main Street Music Lessons.
  6. Have some donuts at Wallingfords Fruit House or pick some apples at the U-Pick.
  7. Walk around ThornCrag Bird Sanctuary.
  8. Visit Museum L/A.
  9. Get a donut at the Italian Bakery.
  10. Volunteer/Visit Greater Androscoggin Humane Society.
  11. Look at the event calendar at the Lewiston/Auburn Library.
  12. Eat at Governor’s Restaurant and try the Federal Deficit ice-cream. All ice-creams mixed into one.
  13. Take a yoga class at Chill Yoga.
  14. Play disc golf at Pine Acres Disc Golf Course.
  15. Learn martial art skills at Pelletier’s Karate Academy.
  16. Look for unique vegan/healthy groceries at Axis Natural Foods.
  17. Split wood at Splittin Wood Axe Throwing.
  18. Jump around at Funz Trampoline Park.
  19. Paint some pottery at Moon Stone Pottery.
  20. Check out the Walmart pole mystery.
  21. Skateboard at the Lewiston Skatepark.
  22. Join fellow hobbyists at Extreme Gaming LLC.
  23. Check out the Great Falls Model Railroad Club.
  24. Play billiards at Legends Sports Bar & Grill.
  25. Do chair aerobics at SPRQ Burlesque Chair & Fitness.
  26. Try an italian at Sam’s Italian Foods.
  27. Shop till you drop at Mardens surplus store.
  28. Go bowling at Just In Time Recreation.
  29. Do a wine tasting at The Vault.
  30. Browse books and local artists’ work at Quiet City Books.
  31. Golf at Fox Ridge Golf Club.
  32. Look for a pipe or an adult toy at Paris Adult Bookstore.
  33. Take photos of street art in downtown Lewiston.
  34. Have a picnic by Bates College Museum of Art.
  35. Enjoy a root beer at Val’s Drive-In.
  36. Have a spa day at Healthy Beauty Wellness Spa.
  37. Watch a live performance at The Public Theatre.
  38. Shop for antiques at Orphan Annie’s Antiques.
  39. Ski at Lost Valley.
  40. Enjoy a meal and play mini golf at Tabers Restaurant and Golf.
  41. Ice skate at The Colisée.
  42. Watch a movie at Flagship Cinemas.
  43. Play arcade games at Family Time Dine and Play.
  44. Honor the fallen at Veterans Memorial Park.

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